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Ultra PU - Heat Transfer Cad Cut VinylUltra PU - Heat Transfer Cad Cut Vinyl
The price is per meter. A full roll is 25 meters. Ultra PU is a heat transfer media used for cad cutting logos, names & numbers. As it is manufactured from stretchable Polyurethane it is...
Chemica Hotmark Revolution (LOW TEMPERATURE APPLICATION)Chemica Hotmark Revolution (LOW TEMPERATURE APPLICATION)
This premium low-temperature versatile heat transfer vinyl adheres to a wide range of garments such as cotton, polyester, acrylic and even some waterproof and nylon fabrics. This very thin and stretchy semi-matte finish material has...
Ultra PU White Sub Blocker
Eliminate Dye Migration on Sublimated garments. Price is per meter. 500mm roll width. Stahls Supply a Sub Blocker that eliminates strike through or Dye migration, when applied to sublimated garments or any garment that has...
Flake - Heat Transfer VinylFlake - Heat Transfer Vinyl
Price is per meter. Flake is a textured glitter flakes which can create brilliant sparkle and shine on garments with variety of colour availability. 1/128” PET Hexagonal Glitter High visible impact with bright glitter particles...
Ultra PU ReflectiveUltra PU Reflective
Ultra PU Reflective is perfect for imaging safety graphics on any garment which needs high visibility such as uniforms for firefighters, traffic, police, runners, and more. This media has been enhanced with greater visibility and...
Elastic Foil Heat Transfer VinylElastic Foil Heat Transfer Vinyl
Elastic Foil is a hot stamp layer of coloured foil on which polyester hot melt is applied. It is very elastic and soft to touch while having a bright metallic colour.  Super stretchable Smooth cutting...
Chemica Hotmark 500 - SPECIAL ColoursChemica Hotmark 500 - SPECIAL Colours
500mm wide - Special Colours. Price per meter. These Special Colours with the same properties as the Hotmark Light Film standard colours is a thin polyurethane heat transfer film with a matt finish. Will apply to most fabrics, including...
Chemica Hotmark Light Film 500 - STD ColoursChemica Hotmark Light Film 500 - STD Colours
Cost is per meter, width 500mm. This thin polyurethane heat transfer film has a matte finish, an extensive range of colours, is stretchable, has a soft at hand feel and will apply to most fabrics,...
Application Tape for Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl.Application Tape for Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl.
Price is per meter (Rolls are 500mm wide x 100m long) Application tape or masking tape is a transparent Polyester film coated with a cross-linked acrylic adhesive. The Application tape is used with Printable thermal transfer...
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